Samstag, 9. März 2013


Bei Mark Shea wird eine Konklave-App angeboten. Andrew Jones vom Anbieter schreibt:
    The app allows you to watch video from the Vatican, follow what is being said on Twitter, read news stories, as well as access all the important documents concerning the history and procedure of the conclave. It even has biographies of all the cardinal electors and ranks them according the “buzz” they are receiving on the internet — certainly not a reliable measure of who is going to be elected, but interesting nonetheless. This is the first conclave were so many people around the world are “plugged in” and it is new technologies like this that are going to allow the Faithful to see and understand what is going on.
Das Konklave des Jahres 2013 wird wohl wenigstens als das erste echte Social-Media-Konklave in die Geschichte eingehen.

Die App gibt's hier.

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