Sonntag, 1. April 2012

Man kann nicht oft genug darauf hinweisen,...

... daß Bad Catholic ein frickin' genius ist!
    Dammit, can’t you see what we’ve done? We’ve taken the Infinities — the things that for all of human history have fulfilled man and had him gasping for more — and we’ve scrawled “The End” across their divine faces. Plato, in his Symposium, noted that all creation is an attempt at achieving Infinity, especially procreation, for one can live on forever in his children. It follows that purposefully restricting our access to Infinity is a sort of castration. With the blade of relativism, we’ve cut off our genitals — those parts that generate, that allow us to ‘live forever.’ We’ve rid ourselves of the Infinites, we’ve burnt down the Transcendentals, and now we find ourselves sterile. Sterile in our art, in our search for Beauty. Sterile in our morals, in our pursuit of Good. Sterile in our thought, in our desire for Truth.
This dude smacks bottom!

Lest den Rest hier!

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Michael hat gesagt…

Reine Poesie! Love this guy! Ist der nicht gerade mal Anfang 20?