Montag, 23. Mai 2011

Preacht it, brother!

Auf NLM gibt es eine gute Zusammenfassung einer Rede, die Kardinal Burke in der vergangenen Woche am Thomisic Institute in Washington hielt (ist leider auf Englisch):

    But, the American cardinal said, in the last 50 years undue attention has been given to the “human aspect of the sacred liturgy, which has overlooked the essence of the sacred liturgy as the encounter of God with us by means of sacramental signs. That is, as the direct action of the glorious Christ in the Church, to give to us the grace of the Holy Spirit.”


    Cardinal Burke summarized his talk by saying: “All of the norms of the Law are directed to the just relationship between God and his people upon which depends the salvation of the world. And thus they must be respected as the commandment of God and not the invention of man.”

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